Friday, March 13, 2009

Rick Simpson's Cross-Canada Crush Cancer (with Hemp Medicine) Tour

Rick Simpson, the man who cured cancer with hemp oil and the force behind RUN FROM THE CURE: THE RICK SIMPSON STORY, is going across Canada to raise awareness of hemp medicine to all Canadians. We are hoping that this tour of free seminars can be completely funded through donations. Cancer Societies have been accepting millions in donations for what exactly? Rick Simpson found the cure, and his goal is to teach the world how to heal themselves of so-called "incurable" illnesses.
Please donate to this very worthwhile cause that you can be proud of. It is a new day in medicine, and the people need help to bring it back to the people. Thank you very much.

Please stop donating to cancer societies because they are not using the money to cure cancer, obviously!

Rick has used every penny of his own money helping people, and now he is asking people to make donations for ending cancer for good. All donations sent to Rick will be used to help people who need this information. Mainstream media will not inform you properly of this cure, and it all has to do with money and suppression.

The CRUSH CANCER tour will be internationally known and create awareness through great hosting sites like , and

Please make a donation in any amount using the donate button on and together we can CRUSH CANCER without government support. The world deserves a cure for cancer. Please support this world-changing cause.

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