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Modern Herbalism in a Nutshell

Single Herbs
BLACK COHOSH Antispasmodic for menstrual cramps and muscle pain. Decreases hot flashes in menopause.

BLACK WALNUT Anti-fungal and astringent. Kills internal parasites. Digestive tonic. Helps maintain safe levels of yeast in the body.

CHAPARRAL Increases fat metabolism, cleanses the liver and blood, pulls out toxic metals and radiation. An antioxidant, and joint supporter.

CLEMATIS For migraine and other headaches. Helps cerebral vasoconstriction. Take at first symptom before pain begins.

COMFREY Promotes healing of cuts, fractures, sprains, strains, burns and broken bones of internal and external tissue.

ECHINACEA Supports immune system. Stimulates white blood cells. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

EYEBRIGHT Antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, and astringent for the eyes and nose.

FEVERFEW For acute and chronic migraine headaches and other headaches.

GARLIC Antibacterial, anti-viral. Kills internal parasites. Good for colds, flu. Heart tonic. Regulates cholesterol levels.

GINKGO Cerebral circulatory stimulant. Helps blood circulation. Stimulates mental clarity, energy, and alertness. Improves memory and mood.

GOLDENSEAL Antibacterial, antiseptic.

GOTU KOLA Supports thyroid if low, vascular and nervous system. Brain tonic for poor memory and mental clarity.

HAWTHORNE Heart tonic. Strengthens, regulates heart function. Helps connective tissue repair.

HOPS For nervous minds, tension, and insomnia. Sedative for pain, tension, and insomnia.

HOREHOUND Expectorant and antispasmodic for the respiratory system.

KAVA KAVA Emotional stress tonic. Relaxes the body and anxious mind. Helps focus thought. Induces sleep in insomnia.

KUDZU Inhibits the craving for alcohol.

LOBELIA Stimulates the relax response in stress. Calms. Decreases adrenaline and opens the lungs and chest. Mimics nicotine and helps in quitting smoking.

MILK THISTLE Liver protector and rejuvenator. Liver cleanser.

MULLEIN Antispasmodic and expectorant for the respiratory system.

NEEM For liver, blood, and skin. Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and kills parasites.

NETTLES Nutritive and blood builder. High in chlorophyll and minerals. Eliminates blood toxins. Antihistamine for allergies and hay fever. Diuretic.

NIGHT BLOOMING CEREUS Supports the nervous and cardiovascular systems when effected by stress, trauma, and depression.

OSHA Respiratory, anti-viral and expectorant. Soothes the throat. Bronchodilator. Warms the lungs and increases oxygen uptake.

PAU D’RCO Anti-fungal. Supports the lymphatic system.

PROPOLIS Antibacterial and anti-fungal.

PULASTILLA Supportive to the mind and nervous system for anxiety, panic, and nervous irritability. Soul soother.

RED CLOVER Blood and lymph cleanser. High in minerals. Diuretic.

SCULLCAP Alleviates neuromuscular pain, irritability, anxiety, and restlessness. Nerve sedative.

SIBERIAN GINSENG For the adrenal and immune system. Protects the body from stress. Mood elevator.

ST. JOHN’S WORT Anti-depressant and mood elevator. Nerve sedative, regenerates tissue, anti-viral.

SUMA Supports the immune system and adrenals. Helps exhaustion, fatigue and weak immunity.

SYRIAN RUE Mood elevator in depressed sensory awareness.

TUMERIC Supports the liver. Strongest anti-inflammatory herb. Keeps cortisone levels high, protects the liver. Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

VALERIAN Supports the nervous system. Sedative and antispasmodic for cramps. Strongest for pain and insomnia.

WHITE WILLOW BARK Natural aspirin. Anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

WILD OATS Anti-adrenaline tonic for the nervous system and adrenals. Helps those who are wired, burnt out, adrenalized, and sleepless.

WILD YAM Antispasmodic for the intestinal tract and female reproductive system. Helps alleviate menstrual cramps.

YUCCA Anti-inflammatory for the joints.

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