Friday, March 13, 2009

Fast Today: Easy Juice Fasts for Beginners

(NaturalNews) Even the healthiest of people will benefit from a juice fast, or juice feast, as some refer to it. The idea behind it is that by giving the body no solid food to have to digest, it can use that saved digestion energy to fix any damage or problems that may exist within. Even if you are on the raw food diet, your body is still working for many hours of the day. If you tend to eat late, then you are allowing your body even less rest. A juice fast feeds your body with nutrients and energy, without asking it to have to work to get that energy. The idea need not be intimidating, as it is not necessary to do really long juice fasts. Here are two easy juice fasts to attempt.

The easiest fast to try out and possibly work into your life on a permanent basis is a one day fast. Keep in mind that your sleeping time can count as part of your 'one day'. So, you don't necessarily have to start the fast at breakfast and go until breakfast the following day. You can eat lightly throughout the day, and then at dinner time have just a juice, continuing to drink only juice until dinner time the next day. This method can be the easiest way to start, as you don't even feel like you're going without food. Once you do the one day fast, you can wait a few weeks and then try a longer fast. Alternatively, you will really feel great benefits by doing a one day fast every week or two weeks. It's not healthy for anyone to work seven days a week, nor is it so for your body!

You can also try a slightly longer fast, of three days, which is good for those who have tried the one day fast and would like to extend it for a little bit longer. It's not a very challenging amount of time, but it is enough time to really give your body a good break from solid food. A one day fast is not really enough time to draw toxins out of your body, but with a three day fast, the process of detoxification will begin. This means that you may actually feel bad during those three days, as your body expels toxins into the blood stream. It's very important that you have bowel movements at least once a day, to ensure that your body is actually getting rid of those toxins properly. It will also pay to do some skin brushing whilst on the juice fast, to ensure that your lymph system is assisting in the expulsion of toxins (Bristle Skin Brush)

Once you've successfully completed a three day fast, you can extend your next fast for as long as you feel comfortable. A fast of any length of time will do your body good, so long as you don't push yourself to exhaustion and as you consume enough energy and nutrients.

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