Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Must see shows which parts of USA will be gone Agenda 21

God save us if they get to finish this plan. Complete control of everything and everyone, Please everyone that does not believe this look into it.
We are not here to lie to you or scare you WHAT do we gain by doing that. I dont want you to vote for either party I want you to stand up turn off the TV and ask Questions... Find out why everything happened and why everything is turning for worse...

If you dont think evil people run this country and others look at the world...
Would a world run by good people look like this?

Stand by us, we have little time and must stop them, If you ask yourself why isnt this on the NEWs, The answer is easy they own the news only 6 mega companies own the News

See my other videos for more pieces off the puzzle realize that none of these people had to die and many people cover it up,

Lincoln - Freed slaves against the illumnati

JFK he was against the NWO knew to much

RFK same thing

Marilyn monroe - JFK told her to much

Princess Dina? She knew to much

Christopher Bollyn - exposed 911 they killed his whole family...

Serge Monast (1994) Reasearched project bluebeam, Dead along with his whole family.

John Todd - Was once one of them turned on them..dead...

Prabhupada - Prophet of the 70s taught love and peace against the NWO - poisoned...

Philip Schneider - Spoke out about a fire fight in underground base - dead

William Cooper - Navy Intel exposed the truth about JFK and Their deals and plans for us...Gunned down by Cops...

Most recent
Benazir Bhutto - tried to make peace in the middle east wanted to expose why the radicals were still in power and Osamas death, Killed

Look at all them....

Those are just a few of the people they have killed to keep their secret... Whos next?

They have spent alot of money and time on finishing their plans... Trust no large company or Any Governmeny, Only trust your heart and your fellow man (The more poor the more trust I say)

Join me before its to late I am leading many and I need you to wake up now...

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