Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ten Steps to Creating Real Change on the Planet

(NaturalNews) Are we capable of living in a society that is free of money? Imagine...if this is possible? Actually, it is inevitable. A society based on one person having more than another is an outdated, highly flawed system that must go.

It is incredibly difficult for any of us to fathom a society free of money because our whole way of life revolves around it. It is difficult to imagine how things could be distributed fairly when we have never seen it as a possibility. Yet we also have to remember that our great grandparents could not have imagined cars, the internet or mobile phones.

So how can we be a part of the transition from a world based on money to a world based on equality, where everyone is entitled to the gifts that Mother Nature has provided us? How can we get closer to a model where abundance and unity override scarcity and fear?

Here are some steps that we can take for real change (REAL CHANGE!)

Avoid pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible.
These companies as a whole are not interested in true health, their main agenda is profit. Every dollar/pound/euro etc spent on reputable, naturally healing products rather than drugs is money spent on real change.

Buy local.
Many people don't even live in an area that has local businesses, but if you do, support the little guy rather than the multinational corporations. Even if it costs a little extra, it is worth it if possible. Corporations are at the core of the system that believes one person should have more than another.

Get your money out of the most unethical banks.
Citibank, JP Morgan and Bank of America are some of the worst. If you live in the UK, put your money in the Cooperative Bank or Smile Bank, both of whom are as ethical as a bank can possibly be. Search out the most ethical bank near you.

Stop watching the mainstream news.
The media is just propelling the lies that we are told. Fox News, CNN, NBC, BBC, and most other news stations are owned by corporations who have a profit making agenda. If you want real news, get on the internet and find independent information.

Don't allow yourself or anyone you know to join the Military!
People in the military are fighting for corporations, not the people. There is an incredibly high suicide rate among those who have been in the military, and a quarter of all homeless people are veterans. When everyone on the planet has equal access to resources, there will be absolutely no need for war.

Support the energy companies as little as you possibly can.
Look for alternative sources of energy. Sun, wind, and water are all viable ways of getting clean energy. The only reason why we are not using them right now is because powerful energy, oil and gas companies will become obsolete. Walk as often as you can rather than driving, this will improve your health and make small but incredibly powerful changes. Fly as little as possible; get smaller more energy efficient cars.

Reject the political system.
The whole voting frenzy at the moment is just a way of making people believe that they are going to get real change. If you look at the companies who are contributing to both McCain and Obama's campaigns, many of them are the same. Both presidents will inevitably make decisions based on profit rather than the good of humanity. Politics is a lie and the only real change will be seen when money does not run the world. We must focus our energy on how to transcend this failed system.

If possible, figure out what you love to do, and then try and figure out a way to make money from it.
How can you make a genuine contribution to the world from your heart? What makes you feel creative and in the moment? While we haven..t transcended our financial system yet, we can at least begin this process by doing things that truly move us. When we are in touch with that "place" inside of ourselves, we are transforming the world. Working in a meaningless job for the mere purpose of financial gain is incredibly difficult to let go of, but you can work on and let go of the issues and beliefs that are keeping you there.

Believe in abundance.
Everything that we need for every single person on the planet to live in abundance is right here. The only thing in our way is the financial system and the limiting beliefs that uphold it. The more we reject limiting beliefs about scarcity and money, the less we will have, and the less that all people on the planet will have. There is enough for all of us! Right now we must live with money, so believe in abundance without believing in money. It's not easy because of our conditioning. But when our society is built on the belief that every single person is entitled to equally enjoy the resources provided by Mother Nature, and then we will see real change.

Question everything.
Are your beliefs and ways of living in harmony with the planet? Are some of your beliefs outdated? Are there certain beliefs that make you feel superior or inferior to others? In order for true transformation on the earth to take place, we must all become conscious of our beliefs and our actions. Part of that is knowing that we are all connected and equal. Do whatever therapies, meditations, plant medicines or anything else you are drawn to that can help you become truly free of the limitations of the mind. The most important change has to occur inside of us. A transformation in our inner world will be reflected in our outer world

"The real revolution is the revolution of consciousness"

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