Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Most Potent Elixir Ever

It’s 1/11/09 and I don’t think I’m going to sleep for days after drinking this elixir (in a positive way~super shen tonic; I feel super charged) that a friend and I made; I will try and recap at least most of the herbs & superfoods that we put in it…


  • Herbal decoction of – licorice root, 10 year old ginseng root, horny goat weed, eucommia bark, morinda (noni) root, tons of maca, goji berries, ho shou wu, schisandra, pau d arco, cat’s claw, fu shen (literally means spirit fungus/mushroom), reishi, cinnamon, ginger, lots of cayenne, black pepper, rhemmania, matcha green tea, yerba mate, camu camu, and much more!
  • Blender – pumpkin seeds, fresh aloe vera, cacao, spirulina, bee pollen, coconut oil, honey, ReVitaPhi, carob, mesquite, lucuma, ORMUS spring water, and LOVE!
  • Blend it UP!

It literally felt as if it digested instantly. I’ve made some potent elixirs, but this was the most potent, by FAR, I have ever had! Enjoy!

*WARNING: If you actually duplicate this recipe, you are doing so at your own risk and may find that you need to meditate for a while…!

PS: It may also add a few thousand years to your life-span as well! ;)

Special thanks to “The Feral Human” for providing TCM herbs and original recipe~many blessings bro!



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