Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

In each and every one of Us is the seed of Infinite Potential. We are all born with this dormant power. We are literally Co-Creators with God. According to the Bible, Our bodies are temples of God. Put in Taoist perspective, Humans are a microcosm compared to the Universe as the macrocosm.

God Sleeps in Stone, Breathes in Plants, Dreams in Animals & Awakens in Man

-- Hindu Proverb

How do We nourish this seed of power within Us? How can we manifest Our goals and dreams? Is it possible to create Our own reality? The answer lies within YOU. It always does. No matter whose opinion You seek, You must first go with your Inner Guidance, Your own individual Consciousness and if You can listen to it, all of Your questions will be answered. This happens instantly when One’s Kundalini energy Awakens.

To gain access to other dimensions that grant Us ideas to manifest We can take time in the mornings & evenings to sit still, breathe, and listen to what the Universe is trying to tell Us at the moment. Be still and know that I Am God. Strive for no-mindedness. This is also called Samadhi in Hinduism. It is achieved by meditation, prayer, chanting holy mantras, whatever You feel the most comfortable doing. Prayer is “God listen while I talk” while meditation is “God talk while I listen.” The goal is Unity with God. Oneness. Live Your life as a meditation by being Conscious of Your own Immortality.

Know you’re not the mind or the body in this illusionary world… We are literally moving Beings of Light with Infinite Potential. The energy meridians and chakras of the body are now being confirmed by medical science.

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Bless Up The New Year!

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